Posted by HowickLions on July 1, 2020

president blog

Thank you Fellow Lions for giving me the opportunity to lead you through this coming Lions year. Firstly, I ask you to join me in extending to Paul our gratitude for leading us through, what must be the most difficult & taxing of years. Thank you Paul.

My theme for the year is “Enjoyment in Service”. It is my hope that we can focus on projects concerning our youth, and to that end I have sought the help of several long-standing members to work with Ella and her crew to fulfil this important and topical issue. For the enjoyment, other than the satisfaction of community service, we are planning to have a ‘Pot Luck Dinner’, Theatre Night/Movie Night, Elevenses in November, a Car Rally (most likely in February 2021), and other events which will add a more social experience to the business of being a Lions Service Club in Howick.

I look forward to working with you all over the coming 12 months.

David Westwick
Club President