We are delighted to announce the top three prize winning places as follows:

First Place: Alysha Jeffs from Howick College for 'Daffodils'

Prize: $1000 Prezzy Card sponsored by Howick Lions Club

Judges Comments: This photograph fills totally the “brief” of an exciting, bold image of a local landmark that is well composed. It is full of life and impact as the spring daffodils compliment the period architecture of the building behind. The result is an eye-catching image full of colour that stimulates the viewer. It is ideally suited for inclusion in an annual Calendar.

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Second Place: Chantal Levi from Howick College for 'Sunrise Over Water'

Prize: $500 Prezzy Card sponsored by Designer Digital

Judges Comments: The right moment in time has been captured successfully to give the best impact of the light, colour, water, earth content all combining to provide an inspiring reflection that jumps out at the viewer. The photographer appears to have spent much time composing the image, choosing a simple local land-mass that is not intrusive although recognisable. With excellent balanced composition on the left to compliment the whole image, then waiting for the light to produce the effect needed. A well-planned image.

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Third Place: Von Collins from Howick College for 'Outgoing Tide'

Prize: $300 Prezzy Card sponsored by McBride Holdings

Judges Comments: There were many images submitted taken at low tide. This photograph however, stands out with its subject matter of the visual effect of light on rock and water with the lens pointed into the light source. I feel the student has done their homework researching their local locations beforehand and then waiting, pressing the shutter the exact moment the light appears around the headland. The result is a dramatic attention-drawing image with very good composition and spectacular light and shadow detail complimenting nature’s beauty.

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The top 12 photos, and the talented photographers, which will make up The Lions Club of Howick 2023 Calendar are as follows: